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About Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve

Oupa Tip Ferreira Born in 1900, moved to Hanover and bought the farm Kwikstertfontein (wagtail fountain). Ian, one of oupa Tip's sons married Elma and this formidable team considerably increased the size of the origional Kwikstertfontein family estate. To this day Ian & Elma are still living on the Mieliefontein farm, and will be your hosts if you choose to stay at the Karoo Mieliefontein guest house or the Wolmade cottage. PC took over during 2000 and continued with stock farming on the property. Later father and son managed to build an abattoir on the Mieliefontein property to service the area. But PC had a passion for conservation and people, and he proceeded to develop the tourism facilities, which can currently accommodate 58 guests. He is also in the process of reducing the livestock and reintroducing game species to the reserve. PC is living on the Karoo Gariep Nature reserve with his wife Marisca and four daughters and they will be your hosts if you choose to stay at the New Holme Guest House.

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