Karoo Lamb

Prime and unique karoo lamb

After a bad Kimberly Dimond Rush experience, Great Grandpa Hansie Ferreira, borrowed his friend's horse and rode from Port Elizabeth to Somerset East to ask for work from a rich farmer. He got the job as stockman and he was paid with sheep and not with cash.

A few year later the rich farmer's daughter fell in love with the stockman, Hansie. So Great grandpa Hansie got chased off the land (vat jou goed en trek, Ferreira!) He took his small heard of sheep and the boss' beautiful daughter and rent a small bad piece of land. Not knowing were his efforts will lead to four generations later. I salute Grandpa Hansie for sharing his stockman skills and appreciation of beautiful woman with generations to come.

Karoo Gariep's lodges - New Holme and Mieliefontein is known for its excellent dinners. Without good meat a very good chef cannot prepare a world class meal. So 22 year ago we start to breed our own special Dormer sheep to supply the lodges with prime and unique Karoo lamb.

This same product is available to you, to enjoy in your own home. We encourage you to have a conversation with our chef on your next visit about our Karoo lamb.

Like good wine, we have a limited number of only 200 lambs available per year to be purchased by our guests. Try to braai one with good friends in celebration of the culture of our unique nation.

PC Ferreira - 151 years later